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Caregiver Spotlight—Getting to know Michael Roberts and Nashtar Sidhu

Published march 30, 2015

“We cannot accomplish all that we need to do without working together.” – Bill Richardson

It’s true. As a hospital, our job is to care for our community and we rely on one another to help accomplish that goal. Every individual plays a key role in caring for our patients—no matter their job or title. Nurses, doctors, administration, engineering, security, food and nutrition, environmental services, spiritual care; the list goes on and on! To help us get to know each other, we would like to introduce you to caregivers in different departments throughout our region.

The first two caregivers to be spotlighted are Michael Roberts and Nashtar Sidhu, both food service workers at Providence Regional Medical Center Everett.

CS Michael R

Michael Roberts has worked in the food services department since August and says he absolutely loves his job. Michael was brought on as a part-time position when room service assembly line two opened. Michael’s job is to prepare every patient’s meal tray and make sure orders are presented correctly on the assembly line belt, which operates much like a conveyer belt. He reads each individual meal ticket the patient has filled out and prepares their tray making sure things are placed neatly and with care. Michael eases the way of our patients by making sure they get what they ask for the first time around.

Michael enjoys working at Providence because of his team. “It’s neat to work with so many people all working towards one goal—serve our patients.” He loves his job because of how fast paced it is and enjoys working in a team. Michael’s dream job is to be a musician and is currently in a band called Toarn. He can play the guitar, piano, drums and is a vocalist. Michael’s managers admire his dedication and hard work on the job. It’s also hard to forget his infectious smile and refreshing manners.

CS Nashtar

Nashtar Sidhu has worked at Providence for 33 years. Her first role at Providence was in the linens department in 1981. After four years there, she was given an opportunity to transfer to the food and nutritional services department. She said transferring was very difficult because she didn’t know her co-workers or manager and after moving from India to the US only seven years before, she was still learning English! But she was welcomed to the new team and has been there ever since.

After she gave birth to her second child, she became a full-time caregiver for Providence. In all of her years here, not once has she missed work on Christmas or New Year’s Day—even when she was fighting cancer. Nashtar made it her mission to never miss a day of work while she received chemotherapy. There were times she was so weak she had to sit in a chair just to be able to work, but she never let cancer be an excuse. Nashtar is very thankful for her managers who took the time to not only support her, but her family as well. “Mersedeh reached out to my daughter and offered her support to my entire family,” Nashtar explained. Working with such amazing people is what really helped her get through everything. “They never asked why I didn’t have hair or why the color in my face had changed. They just supported me.” Nashtar celebrates every day that she is now cancer free.

Nashtar encourages anyone going through a similar situation to lean on those around them. Nashtar’s co-workers love her sweet, friendly spirit and are amazed at her perseverance. When asked if she could see herself retiring at Providence she replied, “Oh yeah!”