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Caregiver development classes

Published November 16, 2015

Crucial Conversations (Two day course)

When stakes are high, opinions vary and emotions start to run strong, casual conversations become crucial. Ironically, the more crucial the conversation, the less likely we are to handle it well. The consequences of either avoiding or poorly managing crucial conversations can be severe. When we fail at a crucial conversation, every aspect of our lives can be affected – from our careers, to our communities, to our relationships, to our personal health. This program has been developed to help everyone in an organization learn how to identify when a conversation turns crucial and develop the skills to manage those conversations more effectively.

Learning Objectives: At the conclusion, participants should be able to handle the most difficult and important conversations.

To find an available Crucial Conversations course near you, click here.

Crucial Accountability (Two day course)

Crucial Accountability training equips participants with a straightforward step-by-step process for identifying and resolving performance gaps. In this training, using a hands-on problem-solving approach, participants learn to enhance accountability, improve performance, and ensure execution. Whether you’re preventing problems or managing a crisis, move your team or organization to the next level with this revolutionary yet simple approach.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the critical elements of a crucial accountability conversation
  • Effectively plan for a crucial accountability conversation
  • Diagnose whether a problem is due to motivation, ability or both
  • Identify ways to motivate others without having to rely on power
  • Identify ways to jointly identify and remove barriers to action
  • Deal with interruptions and side issues without getting sidetracked

To find an available Crucial Accountability course near you, click here.

Personalysis Orientation (Four hour course)

Why do we do the things we do? How do our unique personalities affect our behavior in the workplace? Can insight into our behavior lead to better management, better communications, better morale, better teams and less conflict? We think so. This orientation session is intended to provide the participant with a basic understanding of Personalysis concepts. NOTE: YOU MUST HAVE COMPLETED AN ONLINE PERSONALYSIS ASSESSMENT (approved by your manager) IN ORDER TO TAKE THIS COURSE. This class is a review of what your Personalysis Color Graph means to you.

Learning Objectives: At the conclusion, participants should be able to: Describe the four colors on a Personalysis color graph and what they mean; describe the three Personalysis dimensions and how they work together; and describe the meaning of color intensity and its effect on personality. 

To find an available Personalysis Orientation course near you, click here.

Emotional Intelligence (Four hour course)

Emotional intelligence is a unique set of abilities that determines how well, and how effectively, we understand and express ourselves. NOTE: Pre-work is required; you will be provided with a book containing access to an online appraisal to complete prior to this class. If enrollment is less than ten (minimum), the class will be cancelled. A notice will be sent to registered employees approximately one week in advance of the class start date if it looks like there is a possibility of cancellation.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify Emotional Intelligence in self and others 
  • Recognize moments of in-effective emotional intelligence
  • Integrate emotional intelligence improvement plan
  • Display an awareness of emotional responses
  • Demonstrate an ability to adapt to a variety of situations

To find an available Emotional Intelligence course near you, click here.

Influencer (Two day course over a two week period)

Influencer training teaches proven strategies to drive rapid and sustainable behavior change for teams and organizations. By learning how to discover and counteract the complex web of forces underlying resistant organizational problems, you’ll be able to make change inevitable. Influencer training is ideal for teams and organizations looking to overcome profound, persistent, and resistant problems. The training provides leaders with the skills to develop an effective and comprehensive influence strategy.

Learning Objectives:

  • Clarify measurable results of change initiatives
  • Identify vital behaviors necessary for change to occur
  • Diagnose why change seems impossible
  • Examine 6 sources of influence that impact the success of change imitative
  • Use a systematic method to make change inevitable

To find an available Emotional Intelligence course near you, click here.