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Message from Leadership: Kim Williams

Published October 20, 2014

Message from Kim Williams, Chief Operating Officer

It came to our attention about a year ago that we are a noisy hospital. But it’s not just us— in fact, most hospitals struggle with noise, especially during the night hours. Our patient surveys provided us with measurable statistics and so like other hospitals, we hit the drawing board for ideas to help bring down our noise.

We launched a campaign to bring awareness to the noise level in our hospital called Help Us Support Healing. A group of caregivers worked together to generate creative ideas of how to bring down the noise level. Ideas ranged from life-size foam boards of fellow caregivers to eye masks and ear plugs for each patient.  However, no matter what signs we put on the walls or how many times we talk about the campaign in The Latest, the one thing that makes the most difference is you.

The most recent survey results  are in and I want give a sincere thank you to all caregivers who have helped our quietness levels improve over the last year!

Eight departments have increased their quietness scores since 2013 and together as a hospital we have improved by 0.7 percent. It may seem like a small amount and yes, we still have room to grow, but too often we don’t celebrate our small victories.

Thank you to all caregivers who have walked a little quieter, spoken a little softer and reminded our guests to do the same. Quietness does truly help our patients heal and we appreciate everything you have done to contribute to that.