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2014 Mission Week Quiz Results

Published October 6, 2014

Many thanks to the more than 300 of you who took the Mission Week 2014 online quiz!  A special congratulations to John Campbell in Engineering.  His name was drawn from all those who scored 90% or better and provided an email address.  He will soon be enjoying a delicious snack from Edible Arrangements!

We have provided the answers in bold and a brief explanation for each below: 

1. The mission of Providence Health & Services is:

  • Together, we answer the call of every person we serve:  Know me, care for me, ease my way
  • Creating healthier communities, Together.
  • As people of Providence, we reveal God’s love for all, especially the poor and vulnerable, through our compassionate service.
  • One ministry committed to excellence. 

If the others sounded familiar, they should.  A is our vision, B is our core strategy, and D was our previous core strategy.

2. The Sisters of Providence were founded by Emilie Gamelin, who was born near Montreal on:

  • February 16th, 1800
  • February 19th, 1800
  • September 23rd, 1851
  • December 25th, 1851

 September 23 is the date that Emilie died and we usually celebrate her life on this day.

 3. The Yellow House, on the corner of Saint Catherine and Saint Christopher Streets in Montreal, was the location of Emilie Gamelin’s first major public ministry.  Today, what building stands in that spot? 

  • Museum
  • Subway stop with the statue of Emilie Gamelin at the entrance
  • Church
  • McDonalds 

This might come as a shock to many of you, as it did to me. 

When the Senior Leadership Team pilgrimaged together to Montreal to walk in the steps of Emilie Gamelin, we were able to visit this site.  I was a bit bothered by this, and later in the day, I asked some of the sisters living in the retirement residence if they had ever thought about purchasing that space and developing a museum or something similar.  Almost to a person, they gave me the same questioning look and had the same questions:  “What would we do with it?  How could we use that space to serve the poor?” 

4. The five core values of Providence Health and Services are:

  • Reverence, Care for the Poor, Justice, Innovation, and Simplicity
  • Respect, Care for the Poor, Integrity, Innovation, and Stewardship
  • Respect, Compassion, Justice, Excellence, Stewardship
  • Safety, Courtesy, Show, Efficiency

 As a point of interest, the values in the last answer are Disney World’s. 

5. The Office of Mission Integration is charged with oversight of five major responsibilities within Providence Health and Services.  Which one of the following is NOT one of Mission’s major responsibilities? 

  • Mission Integration / Executive Leadership
  • Spiritual Care
  • Ethics (Clinical, Organizational, Research, Academic)
  • Formation
  • Community Benefit and Relationships
  • Human Resources

 Although the Mission Leader works closely with Human Resources, we are fortunate to be blessed with the leadership of Lori Vocca and her outstanding HR team. 

6. The best way to contact a chaplain is to:

  • Call the operator.
  • Dial 404-7000 and press 0 for the Duty Chaplain or listen to the menu for your unit chaplain.
  • Close your eyes and pray really hard for one to appear.

This is a new process that we started about a year ago and seems to be working very well. 

7. Providence Health and Services uses a facilitated process to work through the ethical principles and implications of certain major strategic decisions.  This process is known as the: 

  • Long-Term Financial Plan
  • Strategic Review Process
  • Ethical Discernment Process
  • Magic Eight-Ball Approach

8. The motherhouse for the Sisters of Providence is located in:

  • Renton
  • Guatelemala
  • Everett
  • Montreal

The Sisters of Providence for the United States is administratively based in Renton, as is Providence Health & Services and Providence Ministries. We have ministries in Guatemala, and, of course, Everett! 

9. The biography of Mother Joseph, copyright 1957, details her life story and her leadership of the sisters from Montreal to the Pacific Northwest.  This book is entitled: 

  • Mission in Motion:  The Legacy of the Sisters of Providence
  • The Bell and the River
  • Mother Joseph of the Sacred Heart
  • Exploring Seattle:  How to Build a Foundation for the Future of Catholic Health Care

10. Why do we celebrate Mission Week? 

  • To inspire all of us as caregivers to continue the healing ministry.
  • To anchor ourselves in a common statement of purpose.
  • To remember that we are called to a sacred ministry that compels us to care deeply for others.
  • All of the above

Great job, everybody!!!!!