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Clinical Research

Clinical_Research_1Clinical trials are research studies designed to answer specific questions about the effectiveness and safety of new products or new ways to prevent or treat diseases.  They are founded on a close collaboration between the medical/research staff and the volunteers, both patients and healthy members of the community, who make up the core of a research trial.

In a real way, clinical trials help determine the future of medicine, and here at Providence Regional Medical Center Everett (PRMCE), we are dedicated to bringing that future into reality.  We combine the talents and skills of world-class physicians and a highly-trained research staff to make PRMCE Clinical Research a top-flight research center, one of the best in the Pacific Northwest.

All clinical research, whether at PRMCE or the Cancer Partnership, comes under the banner of PRMCE Clinical Research. We monitor all clinical research done here to make sure that the work done follows good clinical practice guidelines, federal, and local laws, that the research is done properly, and the patient is protected at all times.

Annual Clinical Research Report


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