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Radiology (X-Ray) Suite

The Radiology (X-ray) suite is conveniently located in the Diagnostic Imaging center on the new Cymbaluk Medical Tower’s first floor.

Regional_Medical_Imaging_Radiology_Suite_Photo1The new equipment measures patients’ radiation exposure and tracks lifetime exposure in order to lower cumulative radiation and minimize per-scan radiation for patients.

Digital Radiography and Fluoroscopy Rooms

Five rooms are dedicated to X-ray: three digital radiography rooms and two digital radiography and fluoroscopy rooms.

Portable computerized radiography X-ray systems are also available to take images throughout the hospital. Most of the radiology equipment is wireless and fully digital. Digital equipment is faster than previous technologies because images appear instantly on screen and the digital imaging process requires fewer steps, resulting in fewer errors. The images are then more quickly transferred to physicians who can access images from anywhere.

Hybrid Room

The radiology suite also includes a hybrid room, where both radiology and interventional radiology procedures can be performed. This hybrid design is state-of-the-art and one of only a few of its kind in the United States. The hybrid room has floor-mounted robotic C-Arm equipment, making the room easier to navigate and giving physicians greater precision which allows them to dedicate more attention to patients.

Siemens Ysio Wireless X-ray

Siemens Ysio radiology system is an innovative, full-service digital radiography system that can capture the body from almost any angle, with a faster process for capturing multiple images. The system features wireless detectors that transmit X-ray images directly to the radiologist’s computer. Because images instantly appear, the radiologists can quickly make the images available to other physicians, contributing to a faster diagnosis—usually in as few as 2-4 hours.

The Ysio system also reduces exam time by using more than 500 preset positions, shortening the setup process. Power-assisted movements help with patient positioning and the table’s design caters to the needs of varying patient profiles, offering an easier and more comfortable experience.


  • Image preview within five seconds via digital imaging
  • Increased image quality
  • Dual detectors for shorter process between multiple images


  • Reduced radiation exposure technology increases patient safety
  • Increased weight capacity accommodates patients who weigh up to 660 pounds
  • Low table height of 21 inches is helpful for elderly or sick patients
  • Power-assisted table helps to position patients using fewer movements

Siemens AXIOM Luminos TF RF C-Arm

Located in the hybrid room, the Siemens AXIOM Luminos TF RF is a state-of-the-art fluoroscopy system designed for complete convenience and efficiency, with new tableside user interface and comprehensive reduced radiation exposure features. Because this system is equipped for fluoroscopy, it can take dynamic or motion picture X-rays. The equipment introduces a new era in imaging, offering numerous benefits for the clinical team and for patients—including ease of use, better image quality, radiation reduction and increased patient comfort.

AXIOM Luminos features a wide tabletop and open architectural design, making it easy to capture images for all shapes and sizes of patients—from pediatric to bariatric. The spacious distance between table and digital imaging tower enables comfortable and safe repositioning of larger patients. Fully powered tilt functions and four-way tabletop movements allow easy system access—and once a patient is lying on the table, the area being examined can be centered without the patient having to move.


  • Full dynamic movement during fluoroscopy
  • Full tilt function and four-way tabletop movement
  • Ergonomic handling
  • Tableside user interface


  • Reduced radiation dose increases patient safety
  • Spacious imaging tower enables more comfort
  • Accommodates patients who weigh up to 600 pounds
  • Extremely low height allows for easy patient access
  • Adjustable bed height makes transferring patients easy

Fujifilm Portable FCR Go Units

With an image processor right in the portable unit, Fujifilm’s FCR Go allows clinicians to quickly and accurately make X-ray exposures and preview images from bedsides, in operating rooms or in the intensive care unit. The four systems at Providence Regional give technologists the tools they need to provide patients with the highest quality of care regardless of exam location, and increase convenience and efficiency by responding to diverse needs. The systems’ image intelligence improves diagnostic accuracy by analyzing X-ray images and automatically adjusting both density and contrast.


  • Light and easy to move
  • Simple user interface
  • Imaging arm is easy to maneuver for any angle
  • On/off buzzer setting for nighttime, when quiet is necessary


  • Portable and able to come to the patient rather than the patient going to the equipment
  • Image previews are ready in as little as 12 seconds