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Where to Check In

The main registration desk at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital is in the lobby, just inside the front entrance on Eighth Avenue. This is your first stop, unless your doctor’s staff has told you otherwise. After your child’s registration information is collected, we’ll direct you to the appropriate department. If you have trouble finding your way around, just ask a staff member for help. We’re happy to provide directions or an escort.

Specialty Clinics

If your child has an appointment at a specialty clinic, please check in directly at that office unless directed otherwise. The office may be in the children’s hospital, or the Sacred Heart Doctors Building, directly across the hospital. If you’re not sure where your physician is located, call (509) 474-3131 and we’ll help you.


For emergencies, go directly to the Emergency Department on Eighth Avenue.

Why Does Everyone Keep Asking the Same Questions?

While your child is a patient at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital, you’ll probably be asked the same questions by lots of different folks. Questions like: “What’s your child’s name and birthdate?” and “What’s your child’s address?” It may seem repetitive – maybe even annoying. But, it’s all for your child’s safety. We want to make sure your child receives the care, services and medications specifically intended for him/her.