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Child Life Specialists

Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital welcomes special guests, like visiting teams, mascots and theatrical performers. We have just a few guidelines to share to ensure both you and our patients have an enriching experience, while maintaining safety, privacy and infection control standards.
Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital gladly accepts contributions to our supply of craft projects for kids. We use these kits daily as activities for children who are unable to visit the playroom. Please check out our guidelines for supplies to make coloring projects, arts and crafts, puppet and masks and more.
Staff at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital in Spokane, Eastern Washington, help kids facing surgery cope with anxiety. Children are thrilled to have their own handmade keepsake surgical cap!

Hospitalization can be unnerving enough when you are an adult. Imagine how scary the same experience can be for a child! Our child life specialists are devoted to making a child's hospitalization experience as understandable and close to normal life as possible.

Play therapy is used to help meet the emotional needs of children who have an illness or surgery that requires hospitalization. Being in the hospital can make children feel scared, confused and out of control. Play therapy helps children understand and cope with illness, surgery, hospitalization, treatments and procedures.

The goal of play therapy is to provide a family-centered approach to help your child adjust to hospital care. A child life specialist can help meet the emotional needs of children in the hospital by getting to know your child, giving him/her a chance to express themselves and allowing him/her to adjust to being in the hospital through play therapy.

Parents of infants are offered a chance to learn new skills to comfort their baby and ways they can encourage their baby's continued development while their baby is recovering in the hospital. Child life specialists can help your child and the other family members with play activities to prepare your child for medical procedures. They can also help with relaxation and pain management skills.

Child life specialists can also offer support for siblings who are concerned about their brother or sister who is in the hospital or may have fears of visiting the hospial.

Sacred Heart Children's Hospital and some 400 other institutions across North America offer child life services because they care deeply about humanizing the health care experience for children and families. From the emergency department to pediatric intensive care, serving children with broken bones to those with chronic illness, child life specialists are there explaining procedures and helping children process unfamiliar surroundings and circumstances.