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What to Bring

If your child is coming to Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital for a scheduled procedure, your doctor’s staff will likely provide specific instructions on what to bring.

General items you should bring for an overnight stay:

  • Photo ID and insurance card
  • Co-payment (if required by your insurance plan)
  • Full list of medications with dosages (including over-the-counter supplements)
  • List of allergies (foods, medications, etc.)
  • Teddy bear or favorite toy for comfort
  • Pajamas, robe, slippers
  • Toiletries

Please Leave Medications and Valuables at Home


All medications your child takes as a patient at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital should be prescribed by the attending physician, dispensed by the hospital pharmacy and administered by a nurse. You aren’t allowed to administer your child’s own medications – including over-the-counter and herbal supplements – and you shouldn’t keep medication in their room unless ordered by a doctor.

Why are we so strict about this? It’s for your child’s protection – and so we can deliver the best medical outcome possible. We need to know exactly which medications your child is taking so we can gauge how his/her body responds to them.


Please don’t bring valuables to the hospital. If you accidentally bring valuables to the hospital, send them home with a friend or family member. Note: Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital is not responsible for lost items.