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Robotic Heart Surgery

With the assistance of robots, surgeons at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center & Children’s Hospital are providing people with innovative treatments and miraculously fast recoveries. The technology is amazing, but equally impressive is the fact that robotic procedures are extraordinarily safe and effective, offering patients real alternatives to traditional techniques.

Smaller incision; greater precision

No doubt about it: heart surgery is a big deal. But thanks to the advanced technology and highly-skilled surgeons at Sacred Heart Medical Center, patients can have their hearts fixed without huge incisions and lengthy recovery processes.

With the assistance of the daVinci™ robot, surgeons at Sacred Heart are offering minimally-invasive surgery to patients who need heart repairs but also want to return to their normal, active lives more quickly. This approach requires a few very small “keyhole” ports rather than large incisions and it leaves the breastbone intact. Physicians who use less-invasive approaches with the robot say it allows a better operation overall—for the surgeon and the patient.

Even before the robot, cardiac surgeons were performing a fair number of small-incision operations to avoid more extensive surgeries that involved completely splitting the breastbone. However, these procedures had major limitations, says Leland Siwek, MD, with Northwest Heart and Lung Surgical Associates. “The robot makes it a better operation, providing me with better views and improved dexterity,” he adds.

Now, Dr. Siwek and partner Branden Reynolds, MD, do nearly all minimally-invasive heart surgeries with the robot.