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Physical Therapy

We provide caring, professional physical therapy for a wide range of conditions, from reducing back pain to recovering from a hip replacement. We understand how difficult it is to face a limitation, and we are committed to helping you recover to the fullest extent possible. We also have the most extensive resources you’ll find in the Walla Walla valley – in staff expertise, training, facilities and access to specialists.

People most often think of physical therapy as relating to recovering from a sudden injury, but it is much more extensive than that.

Physical therapy is often prescribed by a physician for:

  • Improving your ability to walk and your range of motion
  • Recovery from surgery such as a hip or knee replacement or back surgery
  • Reducing pain and improving function, such as for back pain
  • Reducing a physical limitation
  • Improving strength and endurance
  • Recovery from an injury

A physician’s referral is required. If you believe that you or a loved one would benefit from occupational therapy but do not have a referral, please speak to your doctor. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please call us at (509) 522-5821.

Sports Therapy

Sports therapy is a specific approach to rehabilitation that focuses on the individual needs of athletes of all ages, from children to senior citizens. The approach promotes a healthy, active lifestyle.

Sports physical therapy’s benefits include:

  • Sports-specific injury prevention
  • Improving flexibility, strength and cardiovascular condition to recover from injury or illness
  • Improving physical limitations and reducing pain
  • Aiding recovery from orthopedic conditions and surgery, including spine and joint replacement surgery
  • Safe return to participation in sports and work after an injury or surgery