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Rehabilitation Team

Our Multi-Discipline Team Has You Covered

At Providence St. Mary Medical Center, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation is truly a team effort. Specialists from various disciplines work together – and with you, your family and your primary care doctor – to develop and implement the best, most personalized treatment plan possible. This team considers your success a big win.

The Physiatrist

Think of the physiatrist as the rehabilitation team captain. A physiatrist is a doctor who specializes in the rehabilitation of diseases or injuries of the nerves, muscles and joints. The physiatrist works closely with the rest of the team and prescribes medication and non-surgical treatment, such as exercises, braces, assistive devices, massage and ultrasound, to improve your function and relieve pain. The physiatrist also acts as the liaison between the rehabilitation team and other doctors involved in your care.

Rehabilitation Nurses

Of everyone on your team, you and your family will have the most contact with our rehabilitation nurses. They’ll help you integrate skills you learn in therapies into your daily routine. They’ll also take care of medical needs and provide education about chronic illnesses like diabetes.

Physical Therapists

If you’re having trouble walking or need to improve your leg strength, mobility, balance or coordination, you’ll likely work with a physical therapist. These experts might recommend devices like walkers or canes to improve your mobility. They’ll also design home exercise programs to help with continuing needs. And, they’ll work closely with your family to ensure your transition from the rehabilitation center back home is a smooth one.

Occupational Therapists

Physical limitations or disabilities can make everyday tasks like bathing, dressing or preparing a meal pretty challenging. Your occupational therapists will design a personalized therapy program to help you achieve your maximum potential in self-care, homemaking, work and other daily activities. They might also make recommendations for home safety needs and adaptive equipment.

Speech and Language Services

Our speech pathologists provide comprehensive evaluations and treatments for problems with communication, cognition and swallowing.

Rehabilitation Social Worker

Your medical social worker provides you and your family with information about our program, the rehabilitation process, community resources, discharge options and financial assistance. The social worker gathers information about your support system and home environment, which can be helpful in discharge planning and arranging community resources. The social worker can also provide counseling and serve as a liaison between you, your family and your rehabilitation team.

Chaplaincy Services

Our specially-trained chaplains are always available to provide emotional and spiritual support to you and your family. You can ask any rehabilitation team member to help you contact a chaplain.

Nutritional Counseling

Our registered dietician is prepared to address your concerns about adequate nutrition, difficulties chewing and swallowing, special dietary requirements or providing for your individual likes and dislikes.

Prosthetics and Orthotic Services

Sometimes, braces and artificial limbs will help you achieve greater independence. Your rehabilitation team has specialists who can help with that, too.