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Question: Is this confidential?
Answer: Many of our staff members are mental health professionals who are bound by laws of confidentiality. Everything you do and say during your counseling sessions are kept confidential unless child abuse is suspected or if a person threatens to do harm to themselves or others. Otherwise, information will only be released with your signed permission.

Question: What is the process for scheduling an appointment?
Answer: Please call 1 (866) 271-4718 to contact your Employee Assistance Professional. EAP Services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Question: Will someone be calling me before my appointment?
Answer. You will receive a reminder call if you request it from the provider's office. Otherwise, we will not call you unless we have to reschedule or cancel your appointment for any reason.

Question: Does my wife/husband/daughter/son/stepson, etc., qualify?
Answer: Spouses, domestic partners, and dependent children qualify. In addition, anyone currently living with you and/or covered under your insurance is covered.

Question: How many counseling sessions am I eligible for?
Answer: Three sessions

Question: Do I have a co-pay?
Answer: No. There is no co-pay. Your employer pays for your sessions.

Question: Do I need to bring anything with me?
Answer: No. Paperwork is sent directly to the counselor's office.

Question: May I choose a counselor I want, or do you have a panel of counselors?
Answer: You may choose any counselor you want within the specific network of pre-approved counselors.

Question: What if I don’t like my counselor or I don’t feel like my counselor is helping me resolve my issues?
Answer: Please call us at 1.866.271.4718 to find another counselor.

Question: Do you have Saturday/weekend appointment?
Answer: Appointments vary by provider chosen.

Question: If I want my child to be seen by a counselor, who needs to attend the first session?
Answer: Counselors find it helpful for a parent to attend the first session without the child; then the parent can accompany the child after the first session, depending on the age of the child. That will be determined by the counselor

Question: What happens if I need more sessions?
Answer: Counselors will refer you to a mental health professional that may be covered by your health insurance, to local support groups, or other community services depending on your needs.