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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Why Cardiac Rehabilitation?

Most people with heart disease who regularly participate in supervised cardiac rehab programs end up healthier than those who don't.

Our full range of rehab services help patients:

  • Gain confidence
  • Get much-needed emotional support
  • Rebuild strength and stamina
  • Learn to work within their limits
  • Enjoy life

Who Should Participate?

Most people who have -- or who are at risk for -- cardiac problems such as angina, heart attacks, heart surgery or angioplasty can benefit from cardiac rehabilitation. To ensure the program is right for you, a doctor's referral is needed. Spouses and family members are welcome to join the education portions of each session.

What Does the Program Involve?

You will meet with an exercise physiologist and registered nurses who have special training in coronary care, cardiovascular disease and cardiac rehabilitation. A cardiologist and diabetes educator also provide education classes as part of the cardiac rehabilitation program.

Phase I

Beginning the second or third day following an acute heart event, a cardiac rehabilitation or telemetry nurse will meet with you in your hospital room to teach you about heart disease and answer your questions. Phase I prepares you to leave the hospital as soon as you are able.

Phase II

Exercise and education sessions make up the second portion of cardiac rehabilitation. This phase begins when your doctor refers you to us, soon after you leave the hospital. You will attend sessions in our Fitness Center two or three times a week for three to 12 weeks, depending on your condition.

At first you'll wear special electronic heart monitoring equipment as you exercise, and cardiac rehabilitation nurses will watch closely to monitor your heart. An exercise physiologist will oversee your progress.

Phase III

Maintaining heart health and preventing further problems is the goal of Phase III rehabilitation. Individualized exercise plans are based on each patient’s goals, needs and health status.

Phase IV

Many patients continue to participate in rehabilitation for months and even years after a heart attack, surgery or other treatment. In fact, some Phase IV patients have been involved in our program for more than 10 years, participating in weekly classes and continuing to gain valuable insights from our dedicated, caring staff.

For more information, call the Olympia Cardiac Rehabilitation program at (360) 493-7050.