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Admission Criteria

Persons admitted to the Inpatient Rehabilitation unit:

  • Have a qualifying diagnosis. Some common reasons for admission include stroke, head injury, lower limb amputations, hip fractures, multiple sclerosis and joint replacement surgeries. 
  • Have the developmental maturity to participate in an adult rehabilitation program; generally 17 years of age or older
  • Have significant functional impairments, generally including functional limitations in mobility and activities of daily living.
  • Have the cognitive ability/potential to learn
  • Require 24 hour rehabilitation nursing care
  • Require physician oversight/treatment of medical conditions and coordination of overall care
  • Have medical needs that are manageable in the rehabilitation and do not preclude participation in intensive therapy
  • Require 3 hours of therapy at least 5 days per week, are willing and have the ability to tolerate intensive rehab 
  • Have the potential to make meaningful, functional progress 
  • Have the potential to return home or to a community setting upon completion of their rehabilitation program
  • Have authorization from a pay or source as appropriate
  • Must not be dependent upon mechanical ventilation

We accept referrals from physicians, nurses, other healthcare providers and patients or families. When someone other than a physician makes a referral, the staff will work with the patient's health care provider for approval to move forward with the screening process.

To make a referral, please contact us at:
(360) 493-4402 or fax a referral to (360) 493-4457