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The Day of Surgery


A shower or bath is recommended prior to admission. Shower facilities are not available in the unit.

Anesthesiologist visit

An anesthesiologist will visit you prior to surgery. Please be prepared to discuss your Pre-Anesthesia and Medical/Surgical History form and your current medications, allergies or medical problems.

Length of your stay

Your stay for outpatient surgery usually lasts three to six hours from the time you arrive. Variances are caused most frequently by unforeseen schedule changes (cancellation or emergency additions) and by a patient's particular reaction to medications and anesthesia. We cannot predict exactly when you will be ready to leave. We have a surgery waiting room for the person who will escort you home.

What to wear

Please wear casual, loose-fitting clothing that can be folded and stored in drawers. You may bring your own slippers. All patients must wear hospital gowns. You may wear contact lenses (please bring your own case and solution), dentures and wigs to the hospital, but they may need to be removed after your admission when you change for surgery.

What not to wear

All makeup, including nail polish, and jewelry should be removed before you arrive. The skin tone of your face and under your nails is an important indicator to surgery and recovery personnel during and after the operation.

Visitors & Support People

To promote privacy and rest, please bring only one adult support person/driver with you. If the patient is a child, both parents may be present.
Children under 14 years of age may visit patients, provided the nursing staff is notified of their presence and an adult accompanies them at all times. Anyone with an infection, communicable disease or recent exposure may not visit.