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Spiritual Care

What is Spiritual Care?


Providence Hospice and Home Care is fully committed to meeting the physical, psychological, and spiritual needs of our patients and their families. In caring for the whole person, we believe that what affects the body affects the mind and spirit as well.

Open to all religious beliefs

While Providence Hospice and Home Care is rooted in the Gospel values, our caregivers and chaplains are  open to all religious beliefs, as well as to individuals who espouse no belief system at all. There is no religious agenda, so to speak.

Spiritual caregivers are present to listen non-judgmentally and to support the spirit of the patient and loved ones wherever each may be on their individual journeys as they confront life-limiting illness and death itself.

Providence Hospice and Home Care provides spiritual care specifically through its chaplains. While spiritual care is available to each of our patients, the involvement of a chaplain is solely the decision of the patient and family.

Chaplains offer compassionate support

Chaplains are trained to listen with sensitivity to the stories of individuals and families and in the process to assist with bringing clarity to the spiritual needs present. This may be the need for hope and perseverance as we make our way through an extended period of rehabilitation; or the need for self acceptance and forgiveness as we come to terms with our mortality. Whether in response to an expression of hope or fear, a chaplain can provide skilled and compassionate guidance and support.

Chaplains often join local pastors in supporting our patients. At the request of the individual or family, a chaplain may contact a local pastor or congregation to coordinate their involvement in care. In the case of our patient being someone new to the area, a chaplain can facilitate contact with an appropriate and supportive church community.