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Childrens Hospice & Palliative Care

Hope and Gratitude – Holding Each Day As Precious

Stepping Stones is a pediatric palliative care and hospice program open to any child with a life-limiting illness in King County, including Vashon Island.

Our Vision | Our Hope | Our Team | Our Levels of Care | Our Perinatal Program

Our Vision

Stepping Stones is about hope. We make every effort to help clarify and manifest the hopes and dreams of your child, like taking a special vacation, finishing the school year or restoring health. We encourage families and children to seek joy every day, to live without pain and in the comfort of family and friends.

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Our Hope

Our Hope is that the Stepping Stones staff embraces and nurtures life and healing, even when a cure may no longer be an option. We provide physical, emotional and spiritual support for children and families facing life threatening illness while partnering with the community to enhance quality of life.

It’s about living. We believe in hope and in living each day. Carry hope forward and bring your child home with Stepping Stones.

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Our Team

“We couldn’t have done it without their help.”

Coping with a terminal illness affects everyone whose life it touches. Stepping Stones helps children and their families face this challenge.

Stepping Stones provides each family with a team of certified and skilled pediatric specialists who ensure that seriously ill children receive gentle, compassionate, medical, emotional and spiritual support in a calm and familiar environment. If you’ve been working with a specialized team of medical experts, our teams will collaborate as an extension, acting as the eyes and ears of the medical team you have come to know so well. The Stepping Stones Team includes:

  • Pediatric Nurses
  • Pediatric Social Worker
  • Pediatric Bereavement Specialist
  • Pediatric Spiritual Care Specialist


Our teams can help with pain management, in-home health care services, spiritual support and family counseling. Our specialists are aware of your child’s specific developmental needs and can help parents and guardians identify and meet those needs by offering gentle support and guidance through difficult physical and emotional concerns that can arise through illness.

Please contact our Stepping Stones Coordinator at (206) 320-4000 for more information on our Stepping Stones Team.

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Our Levels of Care

We believe in comfort and quality of life, free from pain and suffering.

Palliative (păl´ē - ā tĭv) Care ~ Palliative care is comfort care using a variety of medical treatments to relieve pain and improve quality of life. Children who require palliative care include those who have conditions for which curative treatment may be possible, children with complex health needs where treatment can provide quality of life, or children with conditions in which palliative care will greatly reduce health complications.

Palliative care provides assistance with care planning coordination, nursing visits, and emotional and spiritual support. On a case by case basis, palliative care is offered along with resource and community information so that the patient and their family can enjoy quality time and live their days in comfort and ease.

Hospice Care ~ When illness is advanced, our hospice team of nurses, medical social workers, home health aides, chaplains, physical therapists, grief support counselors and volunteers, will work to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the child and their family within the home or chosen care facility.

Please contact our Stepping Stones Coordinator at (206) 320-4000 for more information on pediatric palliative and hospice care services.

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Our Perinatal Program

“Without this program, we wouldn’t have known Anna. We wouldn’t have known Anna in our home, as our family member, loved her and cared for her like our daughter.”
Anna’s mom

If your unborn or newborn baby is diagnosed with an advanced and life-limiting illness, our Perinatal Program can help. Stepping Stones offers Perinatal Hospice care to provide support, information and planning during and after pregnancy for mothers and families.

Our perinatal hospice approach walks with families on their journey through pregnancy, birth and death, honoring the baby as well as the baby's family. We can help create a specialized birth plan, taking into account the unique needs that might arise during and after birth. If you choose to take your baby home for the remainder of its life, we can help.

The Stepping Stones Perinatal Program also offers bereavement follow-up for the parent(s) and family.

Please contact our Stepping Stones Coordinator at (206) 320-4000 for more information on our Stepping Stones Perinatal Program.

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