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Patient Rights & Responsibilities

PVNA protects and promotes the rights of each patient to whom it provides services. Your family or guardian may exercise your rights if you have been judged incompetent. You have the right to exercise your rights as a patient of PVNA and you have the right to full information about your rights, in writing, prior to receiving care from PVNA. A copy of the Patient Bill of Rights is provided and explained to you at the admission visit. You have the right to:

Dignity and Respect

  • Be treated with courtesy, respect, privacy and freedom from abuse and discrimination
  • No discrimination or denial of service based on race, color, creed, religion, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, diagnosis or disability
  • Have your chosen lifestyle, spiritual and emotional being, privacy and property treated with the utmost dignity and respect by all PVNA staff
  • Have relationships with PVNA staff based on honesty and ethical standards of practice
  • Know the name and credentials of all PVNA staff, request information on who owns, directs, manages and controls PVNA

Quality Care

  • Expect services that are provided by experienced properly trained and qualified personnel who are supervised by qualified managers
  • Receive care of the highest quality
  • Information and education about your health care needs, disease(s), safety and emergency measures
  • Be informed, with reason(s) identified, of impending discharge from PVNA services, or transfer to another agency or level of care provider and to be informed about ongoing care requirements and other available services and options if needed
  • Coordination of services and reasonable continuity of care
  • Expect that PVNA comply with all applicable state and federal rules and regulations
  • Know the name of the person supervising your care, the manner in which that individual can be contacted and how to register complaints regarding treatment or care that is (or fails to be) furnished, or regarding the lack of respect for property by anyone who is furnishing services
  • Know that PVNA must investigate complaints made by you, your family, or guardian and that PVNA must document both the existence of the complaint and the resolution of the complaint
  • Information regarding access to the Washington State Department of Health listing of licensed home health care agencies and to select any home health agency to provide your care, subject to your reimbursement mechanism or other contractual obligations
  • Be informed of PVNA’s right to refuse to admit you or to discharge you if your environment, refusal of treatment or other factors threaten to compromise PVNA’s commitment to provide safe quality care

Decision making

  • A listing of services offered by PVNA and those being provided
  • Be informed, in advance, about the care to be furnished, and of any changes in the care to be furnished
  • Know the disciplines that will furnish your care, and the frequency of proposed visits
  • Be notified of any change in the plan of care before the change is made
  • Accept or refuse treatment or services and to be informed of potential consequences of such action.
  • Be informed about aspects of your condition necessary to make decisions about your care including participating with the PVNA health team in the initial and ongoing development your plan of care for services to be provided and to participate in any ethical considerations that arise in your care
  • Be informed of and voluntarily consent to any experimental care or research related to care received from PVNA
  • Full information about PVNA’s policy on advance directives (Living Will and/or Durable Power of Attorney for Health care), a copy of this policy is provided to you
  • Appropriate assessment and treatment of pain


  • Privacy of all your personal identifiable information contained in your medical record including OASIS data.  PVNA may not release your identifiable information to the public
  • Confidentiality of your medical records
  • Know PVNA’s policies and procedures regarding disclosure of your medical record, you have the right to expect PVNA to release information only as required by law or as authorized by you.  (Please refer to Statement of Privacy Rights)
  • Confidential management of information about your health, social and financial circumstances and about what takes place in your home
  • Access your medical record according to state and federal statutes

Financial Information

  • Oral and written information prior to care being provided about charges for PVNA services including:
    • information about items and services for which payment may be made by Medicare, Medicaid, any other Federally  funded or aided program and/or any other sources,
    • any charges not believed to be covered under Medicare or other pay sources,
    • any charges you or your responsible party may have to pay
  • Upon request, you and/or your responsible party have the right to receive a fully itemized billing statement, which identifies the date and charge of each service provided.  If PVNA is providing services through a managed care plan, this does not apply

Patient Responsibility

Your cooperation and/or the cooperation of your family and/or responsible party is necessary in order to achieve the goals of the Bill of Rights.  You have the responsibility:

  • to notify PVNA of changes in your condition;
  • to have a medical physician supervise your home health care;
  • to notify PVNA if the visit schedule needs to be changed;
  • to inform PVNA of the existence of, and any changes made to, Advance Directives;
  • to advise PVNA of any problems or dissatisfaction with the services provided;
  • to provide a safe environment for care to be provided; and
  • to carry out mutually agreed responsibilities

To register a complaint or discuss care, call PVNA at 534-4300 and ask for a Clinical Manager.  Complaints are investigated by management without discrimination or reprisal toward patients. If the complaint is not adequately addressed, patients are encouraged to call the Washington State Department of Health Home Health Agency Hot Line listed below:

The purpose of the hotline is to receive complaints or questions about local Home Health Agencies (HHA). You also have the right to use this hotline to lodge complaints concerning the implementation of the advance directive requirements.

Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Any patient who believes he or she has been subjected to discrimination on the basis of a disability may file a grievance with PVNA by contacting PVNA’s Section 504 Coordinator (PVNA Director) at 534-4300.

Addendum:  Providence PVNA Home Health will not participate in any aspect of Physician Assisted Suicide including, but not limited to:  the provision of information intended to promote physician assisted suicide, patient assessment for the purpose of eligibility, prescribing, procuring, providing or administering a lethal prescription or being present when the medication is ingested.  Patients who choose to exercise their rights under the Washington Death with Dignity Act will not be excluded from the full range of services provided by Providence PVNA Home Health.

PVNA caregivers are prohibited from accepting personal gifts and/or borrowing from patients