More Than Just a Doctor

More_Than_Just_a_Doctor_1For Robert and Hannelore of Rochester, Dr. Gupta of Centralia Internal Medicine is a primary care doctor, a specialty care doctor and a trusted advisor.

“I’ve always been very happy with my physicians,” says Robert, “but she just seems to be more down to earth; she’s not aloof or above you. Dr. Gupta has helped me with every problem I’ve had, from skin situations to heart situations. And if she ever has questions, she sends me on to a specialist.”

But that’s not what makes Dr. Gupta truly stand out for Robert. Even after referring him, she remains part of the health care conversation. “She sends me on, but she never loops herself out, and always stays informed. That way, when I come back to her, she’s completely up to date on my care.”

Dr. Gupta has helped Hannelore with diabetes management, taking advantage of the Diabetes and Medical Nutrition Therapy Clinic, located directly above Centralia Internal Medicine. Just like with Robert, Dr. Gupta treats Hannelore for the majority of her care, brings in specialists where applicable, and of course, stays informed.

Open communication has helped build mutual trust and understanding—something Robert and Hannelore are very familiar with. They’ve been married for 53 years!