After Your Baby is Born

Congratulations on the birth of your baby! The time just after a baby is born, the postpartum period, is a special one for families. Along with Pediatrics and Family practice physicians in your community, the Women's and Children's Center offers postpardum care including a clinic focusing on the care of the newborn and new-mom and Lactation Services to help you succeed with breastfeeding.

Postpartum Clinic

Helping Moms and Babies Thrive

You’re finally at home, settling in with your new baby. Maybe things are going well, just as you expected. Or, maybe you have a thousand questions and need some input to ease your worries.

The nurses at the Postpartum Clinic at Providence Regional Medical Center are here to help. From newborn and new-mom care to dealing with sleep deprivation and breastfeeding, our registered nurses offer years of experience – and a big dose of compassion.

We’re committed to easing your way and providing information so you can make the best health care decisions for you and your new baby.

How We Help

The Postpartum Clinic is an outpatient service for moms and babies delivered at Providence Regional’s Family Maternity Center. Before you and your baby leave the hospital, we’ll schedule an appointment for you to come back within about a week.

At your appointment, one of our registered nurses will:

  • Examine you and your baby to make sure you’re both healing and thriving. If we identify a problem, we’ll contact your primary care provider and/or your baby’s provider right away.
  • Answer your questions.
  • Provide helpful tips for baby care and emotional support for you.

Lactation Services

Learning how to breastfeed your newborn baby can sometimes be one of the hardest tasks you'll face as a new mom. But there's one helpful trick that can make all the difference: having an experienced, caring nurse to help you and your baby thrive, from the very beginning.

We're proud that 92% of mothers who deliver here with us choose breastfeeding. From help with nursing a premature infant to offering tips on keeping other family members involved, our experienced, board-certified lactation nurses are here to help you successfully breastfeed your baby.

Consultations available at Providence Regional or after you get home

While you're a patient here, your nurse or physician can refer you for a lactation consultation. These consultations can be especially helpful for mothers of infants in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Sometimes after you get home with your newborn, questions or problems come up. It's good to know that Providence lactation consultants are here to help you seven days a week. Outpatient consultation is on a fee-for-service basis; DSHS and some health plans pay for this service. However, all mothers are assisted regardless of ability to pay.

Infant Care and Family Classes

The day you take your newborn home is exciting—and probably a little scary. We offer wide variety of informative classes to help ease the transition home. They’re taught by certified childbirth educators and offered at convenient times.

Learn more about Birth & Family Classes