Providence Adult Day Health 

Caring for seniors and caregivers

For more than 30 years, Providence Adult Day Health has filled a special need in our community, providing adult day care for seniors whose lives have been challenged by disease, Alzheimer’s, dementia, injuries or the frailties associated with aging.

We provide a secure, caring environment for elderly and impaired senior adults in Spokane to go for rehabilitation services, nursing care, health monitoring and a chance to socialize and live independently.

Not what you would expect

Many people mistake adult day health with adult senior family homes. The services provided by Providence Adult Day Health are very different. People do not live here, but rather receive outpatient services like physical therapy, and benefit from activities and opportunities for socializing. In addition, Providence provides supervised daytime care of people with dementia and Alzheimer’s, support groups for caregivers and more.

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Providence Adult Day Health - Spokane

6018 N. Astor Street Spokane, WA 99208