Frequently Asked Questions

What is Adult Day Health?

Providence Adult Day Health provides socialization, supervision, therapy, activities, nutrition, medical and physical care to senior adults living in the Spokane area with cognitive, physical and developmental limitations.

When are services available?

Regular program hours are 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Average attendance is two days a week. Extended hours are available between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. on a case-by-case basis.

What kind of things do they do there?

There are physical fitness and restorative therapy groups, reminiscence, brain fitness activities, music, and cooking groups as well as games, puzzles, arts and crafts, woodworking, pet therapy and gardening.

What else is included at Providence Adult Day Health?

We have personal care aides, rehabilitation and nursing staff with a high staff-to-client ratio. Clients can receive personal care, toileting and grooming. A variety of therapeutic activities are provided to restore or maintain clients’ functioning.

We also provide a balance enhancing/fall prevention program. Our nurses provide wound, catheter and colostomy care, and may also provide tube feedings, pulmonary treatments and administer medication. They collaborate with your physician in medication, diabetes, cardiac, pain and general health monitoring and management. We also provide case management and caregiver support groups. See a detailed listing of our services.

How does this all get paid for?

Funding sources include Medicaid, DDD (Department of Developmental Disabilities), Veteran’s Administration, United Way dollars, long-term care insurance, and private pay. We welcome donations to help fund services for those who are unable to pay the full cost of our services. If you would like to make a donation or a planned gift to Providence Adult Day Health, make a donation online, or call our administrative office at 509-482-2475.

What benefit do clients receive from Providence Adult Day Health?

Clients are in a safe, supervised environment with their peers, where they can be active, mentally stimulated and have fun. Adult Day Health helps improve seniors' confidence, mood, strength and energy level. The therapy and care they receive keeps them in their home environment and helps prevent ER visits, hospitalizations and nursing home placement. Occupational therapy has been proven the single best intervention for improving cognitive functioning in dementia clients. Coming to Providence Adult Day Health also gives caregivers a much needed break, and the assurance that their family member or client is well cared for.

Can you manage people with incontinence?

Yes, we commonly manage clients with bladder and/or bowel incontinence.

Can you give insulin to diabetics?

Yes, we monitor blood sugars, modify diets and have nurses eight hours a day Monday through Friday who can administer insulin.

Can you care for people in wheelchairs?

Yes, many of our clients are dependent on wheelchairs, walkers and other adaptive equipment.

Is transportation available?

Most clients come by Para Transit vans. We can help you apply for van service through Spokane Transit Authority; once enrolled, we will take care of the scheduling.

Can you provide special diets?

Yes, we provide diabetic, modified soft and pureed diets and can take into consideration religious and cultural dietary needs.

Can you take care of people with Alzheimer’s disease?

Our staff is specially trained to work with clients with mild to moderate dementia whatever the cause (Parkinson’s, stroke, Lewy Body, vascular, etc). They have long term experience in managing typical senior adult behaviors associated with dementia.

Can you handle clients who wander?

We are often able to manage these clients by providing staff supervision and motion sensor alarms by the exits. We assess such clients on a case-by-case basis.

How do I get started?

Call or email us today to schedule a tour or request more information.