Patient Information

Medical questions and concerns

Please call us If you need to speak to someone on your care team about a problem or concern. If a team member is not immediately available at the time you call, please leave us a message and we will return your call as promptly as possible.

Missed appointments or cancellations

Because your health is important to us, we want to see you in a timely manner. Arriving for your appointment at your scheduled time is greatly appreciated. We understand that unanticipated circumstances can arise. If you need to cancel an appointment or reschedule, please give us 24 hours notice. Patients who repeatedly do not show for appointments or give less than four hours notice for a cancellation may be asked to leave the practice.

Same-day appointments

We offer open access scheduling, which means most of our office hours are dedicated to same-day appointments. When you call for an appointment, we will encourage you to be seen the same day you call, whenever possible. 

Your medical records

Your right to privacy is very important, and your medical record is confidential. In order for us to release your medical records, you must sign a records release form. Forms are available at our office.

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