Birthing Classes

Centralia birthing classes are for expectant mothers and their labor support person. Instructors are either Registered Nurses experienced in perinatal nursing or Certified Birthing Class instructors.

Centralia baby classes will include the labor process, delivery, pain control, postpartum recovery period, newborn care and breastfeeding.

All classes are held at Providence Centralia Hospital in the Classroom, located inside the North Entrance of the hospital in the basement.

Classes are held once a week for 4 weeks. Classes start at 6 p.m. and end at 8 p.m. All classes are held on Wednesday nights.

Week 1

The first class will include topics such as common concerns and complications, physical and emotional changes during pregnancy, the 7th, 8th, and 9th month of pregnancy, exercise, sexuality, and nutritional needs. You will begin relaxation coping techniques and watch the birth video. Also discussed are things that you can avoid to insure your pregnancy remains safe for you and your baby.

Week 2

In the second class the labor and birth process will be continue. Presentations will include the different types of birth, false vs. real labor, when to come to the hospital, pre-term labor, and labor complications. There are various options for pain control during labor and these will be discussed.

Week 3

This class will finish with the labor and birth process and will include a brief discussion on cesarean birth. The recovery period and early postpartum car will be covered, including what to look for when you get home and what to expect as you get to know your new addition. You will begin to discuss newborn care.

Week 4

The final class continues the discussion on newborn care, including dental care and newborn nutrition. Both breastfeeding and bottle feeding are discussed. Pre-registration for your admission and a tour of the Family Birth Center complete the series.

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