Your breast milk is a precious gift

As a mother who is breastfeeding, you may want to consider milk donation for other needy babies. It is an opportunity to make a difference in the health of a premature or medically fragile infant. Donor breast milk is an important part of medical care for at-risk infants whose own mothers cannot supply enough milk.

Our certified lactation nurses can help answer your questions about becoming a breast milk donor. They also will assist you with the screening process and ship your precious milk to a milk bank, where it will be processed, pasteurized and distributed to infants who will benefit from it.

There are four easy steps to share a gift of breast milk:

  1. Call the Northwest Mother’s Milk Bank at 503-469-0955. Staff will be available to talk with you and answer your questions about whether milk donation is right for you.
  2. Participate in a telephone screening. Staff at the milk bank will obtain additional information and necessary consent forms.
  3. Come to the hospital for a laboratory visit. All breast mill donors are screened carefully for safety. The one-time blood tests are offered free of charge at the hospital’s laboratory.
  4. Arrange a time to deliver your frozen breast milk. Depot drop-offs must be pre-arranged to ensure timely shipping. Our depot provides packing materials and boxes necessary for transporting your milk. Call 360-493-5270 for an appointment.