Available Positions

General time commitment

We ask volunteers to commit for one year. Volunteers will attend either specific training for their assignments or attend the orientation for new staff and volunteers. We consider it vital for our volunteers to understand our services as volunteers are our ambassadors in the community. All volunteer positions are needed for the Everett area, as well as surrounding areas in Snohomish County and Camano Island. Criminal background and reference checks are required for all volunteers.

Is there a cost to the classes?

It’s appreciated if volunteers taking the 40-hour class to be a patient/family care volunteer are able to donate to the volunteer program to offset costs but this isn’t required.  We are a non-profit agency and donations are tax deductible. 

Available positions:

For more information about any of these volunteer positions, please call 425-261-4804.

Hospice Patient & Family Support
Vigil Volunteer
Bereavement Volunteer
Home Care Volunteer
Office Assistant
Carousel Volunteers
Camp Erin
Comfort Therapy
Pet Visitor
Barber or Beautician
Sewing & Knitting
Cooking, Chore or Yard Service
Life Review

Hospice patient & family support

A Hospice patient has a life-threatening illness. Volunteers stay with a patient so the caregiver can do errands or take a break. They may provide light housework, cook, do errands or transport patients.

  • Requirement: Be able to be the presence of someone dying. Be a good listener. Non-judgmental. Flexible. Have good social support. No recent loss. Core training provided. Continuing education is required.
  • Time commitment: Be available 4 hours once a week. You choose the days you are available and where you are willing to drive. If too limited, however, you will have less assignments.
  • Optional: a 2nd assignment.

Vigil volunteer

Stay with patient who is actively dying because patient has no one or family is uncomfortable being alone.

  • Requirement: Be willing to be called at the last minute. Must have experience being a Hospice volunteer and have taken the core training.
  • Time commitment: Be available 4 – 6 hours assignments perhaps 6 times a year.

Bereavement volunteer

Call and visit bereaved persons. May assist in the bereavement office with clerical tasks. May assist with memorial services, support groups, and other events.

  • Requirement: Be able to be in the presence of grieving persons. Have good social support. No recent loss. Hospice volunteer training is required and additional classes by the Bereavement Coordinator.
  • Time commitment: Be available four hours once a week.

Home care volunteer

Patients are recovering from surgery, accident or learning how to live with a long-term illness. Volunteers will provide light housework, cook, do errands, provide transportation to appointments, stay with a patient (respite) while the caregiver gets out.

  • Requirement: Volunteers will attend core classes.
  • Time Commitment: Be available 2 – 4 hours once a week. You choose the days and where you are willing to drive. If too limited, however, you will have less assignments.
  • Optional: 1 – 2 families a week

Office assistant

Provide Clerical support in our office depending on skills. You will generally work in one area. We use office volunteers on a regular basis or when we have a special project. Occasionally you can work at home depending on tasks needed.

  • Time commitment: Be available a minimum of 3 hours once a week.


Keep the library in order, call if books are out too long. Prepare books for library.

  • Requirement: Learn system. Love of books a plus.
  • Time commitment: Be available 1- 2 hours every two weeks.

Carousel volunteers

Assist families with an ill child or teen. This may include rocking babies, staying with the child while the parent goes out, errands, housework, cooking, transportation, general emotional support.

  • Requirement: The core Hospice classes, plus specialized training given at our office on children and teens.
  • Time Commitment: Be available four hours a week. We prefer that you be willing to drive anywhere in Snohomish County or Camano Island.


Assist as a camp buddy at our weekend camp for grieving kids and teens.

  • Requirement: Specialized training at our agency.
  • Time Commitment: Attendance at classes and the weekend camp.

Comfort therapy

Provide comfort therapies such as massage, music, art, pet, hypnotherapy to our hospice or home care patients.

  • Requirement: License or certification and our core classes.
  • Time Commitment: 2 – 4 hours once a week.

Pet visitor

Visit patients who love animals with your dog once a week.

  • Requirement: Dog owners must attend the regular volunteer training of 35-40 hours plus put the dog through Therapy Dogs Training.
  • Time Commitment: You decide how many patients you and your pet are willing to visit. A guideline is 2 patients a week for 1/2-to 1 hour per patient.


Assist by planning and working at fundraising or other special events, and grantwriting. Assist with decorating auction baskets. You choose.

  • Requirement: Have fun.
  • Time Commitment: Varies.

Barber or beautician

Do hair cuts for patients (men & women) in their homes.

  • Requirement: Licensed. Attend orientation for new staff and volunteers.
  • Time Commitment: Be available once every two weeks for appropriate time.

Sewing and knitting

Examples are hospital gowns, special butterfly pillows, lap robes, prayer shawls, or decorate teddy bears with your knitting creations for our children's camp. You choose.

  • Requirement: Use your material or what has been donated to our agency for these projects. No certain amount of items required. Work in your home.
  • Time Commitment: Varies depending on what you are willing to do.

Cooking, Chore and/or Yard Service

Assist with meal preparation, light housework or yard work for patients.

  • Requirement: Attend orientation for new staff and volunteers. Background check.
  • Time commitment: 2 hours per patient each week. You decide how many patients you are willing to assist.

Life review

Assist patients with life reviews.

  • Requirement: Learn how to write or record life histories. Be a good listener and be non- judgmental. Attend hospice volunteer classes.
  • Time Commitment: 4 – 6 hours per patient. A guideline is for you to do six life reviews a year.

We are also interested in:

Second languages


You may have a skill or talent that we can use. Tell us about it!