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  • Primary Care

    Your primary health care provider diagnoses and treats both acute and chronic illnesses. He or she can also help you stay healthy and protect you from illness, provide counseling teach you about your condition and manage your care. Your primary care doctor's practice may include various types of health professionals. Primary care doctors fall into two categories: family medicine and internal medicine. The biggest difference is internal medicine doctors focus on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of adult diseases, where family medicine doctors focus on meeting the needs of the entire family and care for the whole person throughout his or her life - from birth to old age.
  • Laboratory

    Lab work, such as blood tests, help diagnose, treat or monitor your health and provide information that cannot be found on a physical exam.

Additional Services in Walla Walla

Coumadin Clinic

Providence Medical Group provides a specialized clinic for management of anticoagulation therapy (Coumadin/warfarin). Our patients love how this clinic makes monitoring and managing the medication so much easier.

Wound Care Clinic

Some wounds present special challenges. Our Wound Care Clinic is the only one in the valley providing assessment and treatment of wounds that are difficult to heal, including vascular, diabetic, surgical and traumatic wounds and burns. The Wound Care Clinic also manages ostomies. Patients are seen by a provider certified in wound care with more than 30 years of experience.

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