Medical Expertise

Providence Intervention Center provides forensic (evidence gathering) medical examinations for victims of sexual or physical assault. Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) are available 24 hours a day to provide these examinations at local emergency departments. These registered nurses have received training in advanced examination and forensic techniques that enhance the sensitivity of the investigation.

In addition to SANE examinations, a certified nurse practitioner is available to perform comprehensive physical examinations and gather forensic evidence with children suspected of being sexually assaulted. These examinations are performed in a special, child-friendly environment at Dawson Place Child Advocacy Center.

To schedule a non-emergency medical examination, please call 425-297-5770.

Children’s services

We work collaboratively with law enforcement agencies throughout Snohomish County to help ensure sensitive, child-oriented interviews and investigations.

Our child/adult advocates are highly trained specialists who work with children and non-offending family members to help them meet specific and complex needs that may arise. The child/adult advocates can be reached at 425-297-5771.

Educational programs

Our professionals are available to provide law enforcement agencies, schools, parent organizations, civic and service organizations, educators, medical groups and religious organizations with consultations, in-service training or informational presentations on a wide variety of topics related to sexual assault. Call 425-297-5771 for more information.