Living Kidney Donation

Living donor requirements

You must be in good overall physical and mental health, and at least 18 years old. You may be related to the recipient but that is not necessary.

Benefits of living kidney donation

  • You will make a positive difference in someone’s life, as a transplant can dramatically improve the recipient’s health and quality of life
  • The surgery can be scheduled at the convenience of you and the recipient. As a result, you may help the recipient avoid years of waiting for a deceased donor kidney
  • In general, kidneys from living donors have better long-term survival rates

Living donor costs

All of the evaluation and hospitalization costs are paid for by the program. The recipient’s insurance covers these medical expenses after he has received the transplant.

Costs that you should consider when donating include lost wages, transportation, lodging and childcare. If you qualify, there are resources available to provide financial help for travel, lodging, meals and other non-medical expenses. You will receive information from the National Living Donor Assistance Center, which helps make donation more affordable.

Get started

Call Transplant Services, 800-667-0502 or 509-474-4500 and request a living donor packet. If you want to speak with someone, ask for the living donor transplant coordinator who can answer your questions.

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