Kidney Transplant

End stage kidney disease is a condition that occurs when your kidneys are no longer able to properly work. Kidney transplant is an operation in which a functioning kidney from a living or deceased donor is surgically placed in your body. The transplant kidney takes over the function of your diseased or non-functioning kidney.

The Kidney Transplant Program is part of a multi-organ transplant center at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center & Children's Hospital that has provided the option of transplantation as treatment for end-stage renal disease for more than 1,000 patients since 1981.

Along with long-term care and guidance of kidney transplant patients, we provide follow up care for liver and pancreas patients. The program is a member of the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) and certified by the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA).

Our kidney transplant program is committed to:

  • Offer kidney transplantation as a treatment option for all patients with end-stage renal disease, regardless of race, religion, culture, socioeconomic status or source of referral
  • Provide excellence in all aspects of care for candidates, recipients and living donors, including education, evaluation, preparation for transplant, transplant surgery and long-term support and follow-up after transplant
  • Collaborate with the patient's extended health care team to assure continuity of care

Are you a candidate for transplant?

Kidney transplant candidates are those:

  • Diagnosed with chronic kidney disease
  • Of fair health, with no active infections or other major medical problems
  • Who have no contraindications: certain malignancies, liver, or heart disease
  • Are socially responsible and compliant with medical treatment

Types of kidney donors

  • A deceased donor is someone who is declared brain dead or whose heart is expected to stop within a few minutes after going off life support. He is medically suitable for organ donation, and his family has consented to donate his healthy kidney(s) for transplantation.
  • A living donor is a person who voluntarily offers to donate one of his kidneys. This person may be a blood relative, friend or stranger. Testing is done to see if the donor and recipient are compatible.
  • Paired kidney donation occurs when two donor/recipient pairs switch organs to yield more compatible results. For instance, donor A gives to recipient B, and donor B gives to recipient A.

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Candidate referrals are accepted from physicians throughout the states of Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Oregon, as well as physicians from outside this service area. Patient self-referrals are also accepted.

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