Pancreas Transplant

The pancreas is an organ found in your abdomen behind your stomach. It has two main functions:

  1. Aids in digestion by releasing enzymes into your intestine
  2. Maintain blood sugar control by releasing the hormones insulin and glucagon

Pancreas transplant is an operation in which a functioning pancreas from a deceased donor is surgically placed in your body. You will be required to complete the same testing as a kidney transplant evaluation (plus additional tests) and complete a thorough evaluation before you can be placed on the national waiting list.

A simultaneous kidney/pancreas transplant is performed for people who have end-stage kidney disease and complications related to diabetes.

A pancreas alone transplant is performed for people who have hypoglycemic unawareness or other complications from diabetes.

Are you a candidate for pancreas transplant?

A candidate for pancreas transplant must meet the following criteria:

  • Have diabetes requiring insulin with daily insulin needs less than or equal to 1 unit/kilogram
  • BMI less than or equal to 30 with C-peptide less than or equal to 2 ng/ml
  • BMI less than or equal to 28 with C-peptide greater than 2 ng/ml

Please contact the kidney and pancreas transplant program at 1-800-667-0502 to find out if pancreas transplantation is right for you.

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Candidate referrals are accepted from physicians throughout the states of Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Oregon, as well as physicians from outside this service area. Patient self-referrals are also accepted.

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