Transitional Care Unit (Rehab)

Our transitional care (sub-acute*) unit (TCU) is designed for a short-term stay with the goal to transition individuals from the hospital to home, assisted living, or to long term care. It is Medicare approved.

We treat many different conditions such as orthopedic injuries including fractured hip, neurological injuries such as strokes, and post acute rehabilitation following surgery, such as a total knee replacement, just to name a few.

Our Transitional Care Neighborhood provides:

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View of Transitional Care Unit

Take a 360-degree virtual tour of the rehabilitation gym, the occupational therapy kitchen and the occupational therapy bathroom. You can also view several photos of the TCU.

For more information about Medicare/Medicaid, check out their website.

* "Subacute" is a term used to describe care that does not require hospitalization, but cannot be given in a lesser setting such as home or a custodial care setting. Generally, it is care provided after a stay in the hospital following an illness or after surgery.

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