Risks and Benefits of Treatment

As part of our philosophy of informed consent, we want you to be aware of some of the potential general risks and benefits for Physical Medicine Rehabilitative Services. We will work with you to minimize your risks and maximize your benefits.

Potential benefits of treatment

  • Reduction of your pain through prescribing therapy involving stretching and/or moving parts of your body, medical management of your medications and other treatments.
  • Improvement of your ability to perform functional activities relating to your self care, work or home (communication, swallowing, bowel or bladder, medical status, mobility, self care, home/work and community activities, etc.) through a rehabilitation therapy program.
  • Training and education of how to perform exercises on your own and/or with your family or caregiver to promote continued improvement in a safe manner. We will also share information on community resources and/or equipment to help you function at home and work.

Potential risks of treatment

  • Increased pain as we assess your ability to move your body and then work to improve your movement. This is particularly true if you have not used part of your body for some time or experienced recent changed in your body/medical status.
  • There is a risk for falls as you work on functional activities such as walking and transferring. This risk can be due to impairment of your strength, endurance, balance or cognition.
  • If you are experiencing swallowing problems, there is a risk for aspiration (food or liquids in the lungs) with oral feeding and assessment. This may include testing in Diagnostic Imaging.
  • You may receive electromyography (EMG) which involves insertion of a needle for testing your neurological/muscle function. This will be done only by a physician with training and skills who will discuss this with your prior to any procedure.
  • Your physician may prescribe medications, therapy, exercises, lab work or diagnostic testing that has risks as well as benefits. Please ask for further information if you have questions or concerns about these recommendations.

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