Providence Community Care Center

The basic building blocks for healthy living are well known: food and shelter, mental and physical health care, and human dignity. Addressing these needs can lead to educational, economic, and job opportunities. However, at present, the services offered throughout our community, especially those for street-dependent individuals, operate as stand-alone programs: access to food, housing assistance, and mental and physical health care. For individuals with mental health or substance abuse challenges, navigating this maze can be an insurmountable barrier. Often these barriers put vulnerable individuals on an unintended path that intersects with emergency centers, law enforcement, and jails -- at great cost to us all.

Collaborating to help those in need

Providence St. Peter Hospital, in collaboration with other local nonprofit organizations, is addressing this need, and together with a generous community, serving as a catalyst to create a social service hub. The Community Care Center provides a single point of access for street-dependent individuals needing access to behavioral health, substance abuse, housing, and many other services. Working collaboratively to maximize outcomes, Providence staff and local non-profits assist in navigating complex systems to help clients access the services they need in order to break a pervasive cycle and provide the essential components for healthy living.

Our partners

The Providence Community Care Center would not be possible without the many organizations who have come together to provide services that will change lives. We envision a community that responds to the needs of marginalized individuals and ensures their needs are met.

It is our vision that, with this innovative approach, we will positively impact our downtown and our community. Together, we will promote continued economic development and investment in downtown Olympia.

Generous community support

Our community has truly come together, with common interests and goals of helping the most poor and vulnerable populations. This Community Care Center will work with the most stigmatized individuals in our population, providing the full spectrum of compassionate care. With your help, we will further improve the physical space, build the infrastructure for long-term program success, and augment positive partnerships critical to collaborative problem solving that reduces the burden on community resources. Together, we will serve those at the heart of the Providence Mission: the poor and most vulnerable.

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Providence Community Care Center

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