To provide integrated care to vulnerable people through compassionate service in a safe environment.

Community Care Center Core Values

  • Accessibility: A welcoming, accepting environment that provides hospitality and streamlined access to an array of social and health services for all. 

  • Safety: An environment where guests and staff feel comfortable being themselves, everyone feels included, respected and heard. 

  • Dignity: A deep commitment to understanding that everyone is a valued, whole person deserving of having their basic needs met. 

  • Personal Choice: To honor each person as an autonomous individual capable of identifying their needs, and choosing their path. 

  • Collaboration: Together, beginning with mindful listening, we build and maintain a center where guests can connect to beneficial services, healing relationships and hope. 

  • Compassion: We strive to see ourselves in others, upholding kindness and caring for all.
Providence Community Care Center Infographic