Nephrology & Transplant Research

Nephrology is the study of the function and diseases of the kidney and related organs. By helping remove waste products from the blood and maintain fluid and mineral balance, the kidneys play an important role in maintaining health. Diseases of the kidney can impact other organ systems in the body.

Diabetes and hypertension are the leading causes of chronic kidney disease in the US. Kidney disease caused by diabetes is called diabetic kidney disease (DKD).

Basic Laboratory Research

The Providence Medical Research Center basic laboratory operates under the direction of Katherine Tuttle, MD. Using modern laboratory techniques, the basic lab investigates mechanisms of cellular damage and death in specialized kidney cells. Our team collaborates with investigators at the University of Washington in the hope of making discoveries that may aid in early detection or treatment of DKD.

Nephrology Clinical Trials

Clinical trials focusing on various aspects of kidney disease and injury are underway within Providence. These studies investigate new drug treatments for DKD, as well as new diagnostic tools for acute kidney injury in the hospital.

Transplant Trials

Transplant trials within Providence focus on new therapies for patients who have undergone kidney transplant. These goals of these trials are to improve transplant outcomes, prevent graft rejection and increase success rates.

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