Frequently Asked Questions

What if my project doesn’t fit in these categories?
Submit our intake form. We will contact you and guide you through next steps.

How much notice does Providence need to support my grant application?
At least 12 weeks.

What support services does Providence offer?
Providence Medical Research Center services include biostatistics, clinical study coordination, writing, illustrating, regulatory assistance, financial management and research consulting. Contact us or submit our intake form to learn more.

Where can I find funding for my research?
Visit our funding page to learn about current funding opportunities.

Abbreviations & Definitions

  • SIP: Study Implementation and Planning Meeting
    A logistics meeting during which the Principal Investigator and other study staff review study activities, procedures, regulatory submission, and financial items.
  • IRB: Institutional Review Board
    A group that reviews and monitors human subject research. IRB review is a federal requirement described in the Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 Part 56. Most studies will be reviewed locally by the Providence Health Care IRB. Outside review by a central IRB is allowed on a case-by-case basis, at the discretion of the local IRB.
  • SRC: Scientific Review Committee
    A group of doctors, scientists, and other experts that review a clinical trial for scientific quality and its benefit to our local patient population. SRC review is separate from, and prior to, IRB review. To learn more about standards for SRC review, click here.
  • PMRC: Providence Medical Research Center
    PMRC covers research throughout the eastern Washington region of Providence Health & Services.
  • NDA: Nondisclosure Agreement
    Also known as a confidentiality agreement (CDA). Ensures that discussions are kept confidential while interested parties determine if they should pursue future sponsored activity.

Have an idea, but no funding?

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