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Students who plan to participate in research projects within a Providence Health Care facility (including, but not limited to Sacred Heart Medical Center, Holy Family Hospital or Providence Medical Group Clinics) must complete research credentialing. Providence Medical Research Center oversees this credentialing and Institutional Research Board requirements for research training.

A “student” is defined as any individual assigned to, or involved in, a professional student program (i.e., medical students, nursing student, pharmacy student, etc.). This may include active Providence caregivers, including those completing a student or graduate capstone.

Student research must be overseen by a Providence Champion—an employee that will provide oversight of the project while being conducted within our facilities.

Medical (MD/DO) and pharmacy residents are considered staff and must complete regular Research Credentialing. See our Research Credentialing page for instructions.

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Students are encouraged to read the Institutional Review Board’s policy for Student Clinical Inquiry Review* prior to submitting anything to Providence Medical Research Center or the IRB. The Student Clinical Inquiry Pathway will help determine if your project is research or non-research, and provide steps for submitting your project.

*Please email the IRB to confirm you are referencing the current policy and submission form.

The Clinical Innovations and Research Council will be able to provide assistance and guidance to nursing or allied health sciences students. Email the council.

If you are joining an in-progress research project within Providence, your only requirement is to complete research credentialing for students. Please review the instructions below and submit your credentialing application.

If you are joining a new research project that is still in development, or not yet approved by the the Institutional Review Board, you should work with the Lead Investigator/Providence Champion.

The Lead Investigator should submit our intake form and follow the pathway for researchers. You must complete your credentialing application before facility approval for the research project will be signed by Providence Medical Research Center.

If the options above do not fit your project, please contact us through our intake form.

Research Credentialing Application

Students may complete abbreviated research credentialing. Please review the instructions below carefully prior to completing any activities. Failure to follow instructions may result in rejected application or mandatory repeat training.

At any time, Providence may require you complete additional training or supply additional documents to maintain compliance with federal and institutional policies.

Ready to submit?

Please complete our online submission form once you are ready to submit your application.