Research Credentialing

All individuals who perform human subject research at any Providence Health Care facility are required to be credentialed for research in compliance with federal regulations, Providence Health Care policies and Good Clinical Practice Guidelines. Providence Medical Research Center Credentialing meets Providence IRB-Spokane CITI training requirements.

Completion of the credentialing process is required prior to submitting research applications to the IRB or joining ongoing research studies. All staff who are listed on research applications must be credentialed and approved by Providence Medical Research Center. Failure to comply may result in study delays or termination.

Spokane Medical Research Credentialing Instructions & Requirements

You must complete and submit the following:

  1. Click here to download and complete our Credentialing Application.
  2. Providers with professional licenses (MD, RN, ARNP, PharmD, etc.) must provide a copy of their current license with Washington State, or equivalent. You can locate your license on the Department of Health Provider Credential Search platform. Staff are responsible for maintaining their license in compliance with state requirements.
  3. Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Résumé
    CVs should include at a minimum: all medical affiliations including physical address and any research projects you were involved with during the past three years.

    It is required that all CVs be signed and dated (on the first page), and a copy forwarded to Providence Medical Research Center every two years, regardless of changes to the document.
  4. CITI Program for Human Subjects Protection Training & Good Clinical Practice (GCP)
    To perform research at a Providence facility, all research personnel must complete the web-based certification program for Protection of Human Research Subjects through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Program. The purpose of the CITI program is to develop, implement and maintain a high quality web-based educational program in the protection of human subjects in research.

    The curriculum is set by the IRB. You must affiliate yourself with Providence IRB-Spokane at the time of CITI registration. Please reference the IRB website for instructions regarding the required courses. For questions regarding the appropriate courses to complete, please contact the IRB: call 509-474-3640 or send an email.

    Click here to download instructions for setting up CITI Training.

    Upon completion of the required modules, print the course completion certificate for your records and attach a copy to your research credentialing application.
  5. Conflict of Interest in Research (COIR) training
    Providence Health & Services requires all staff participating in clinical research to comply with the Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) regulation 42 CFR Part 50 and 45 CFR Part 94.

    Staff must complete Conflict of Interest training at least every four years. This training is accomplished through CITI. There are four required Conflict of Interest modules.

    Researchers will use their existing CITI login and must be affiliated with Providence IRB-Spokane to access the Providence-required COIR modules. COIR courses completed under a different organization affiliation will not be accepted. Print the course completion certificate for your records and attach a copy to your research credentialing application.
  6. COIR Disclosure
    After completing the COIR training and submission of your CITI certificate to Providence Medical Research Center, your email address will be forwarded to the Providence Compliance Office. The compliance office will send an email with login instructions for the web-based disclosure survey. Everyone involved in research must complete the disclosure form via on-line survey prior to conducting any research activities at Providence facilities. Providence requires updated disclosure within 30 days of acquiring new significant financial interest or, at a minimum, annually.
  7. Packaging and Shipping Hazardous Substances
    Any research staff involved with processing and/or shipping bio-specimens, training is required to ensure proper handling and shipping. Additional training may be required if Dry Ice (Class 9 substance) is being used.

    Providence Employees may complete training via HealthStream. Search in the catalog for “Packaging and Shipping Infectious Substances."

    Non-Providence employees may submit a copy of their employer’s “Shipping Hazardous/Bio-medical Specimen” training verification.
  8. Signed Research Practice Agreement:
    This agreement defines basic good clinical practice and regulatory commitments to be upheld during the conduct of all research studies conducted at any Providence facility. All Investigators (principal and sub-investigators) and research coordination staff (research nurses, coordinators or assistants) are required to complete and submit the Research Practice Agreement specific to their role in research (investigator vs. research staff).
  9. HIPAA Training Certification
    Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) training is required for all staff who will have access to subject protected health information (PHI). Providence requires a yearly refresher on HIPAA policies, for the protection of patients seen at Sacred Heart Medical Center & Children's Hospital, for as long as the research study is in-progress.

    Providence Employees: This is achieved/documented during central orientation upon hire. HIPAA refresher courses will be sent via HealthStream.

    Contracted employees or students from affiliated programs: HIPAA training is required at time of orientation, or at the start of practicum training. If you have not received this training, please contact your faculty advisor or Sacred Heart Education Services at 509-474-3390.

    Non-Providence Employees: May submit a copy of their employer’s HIPAA training verification. If you do not have HIPAA training from your employer, Providence Medical Research Center staff will contact Sacred Heart Education Services on your behalf to have the online HIPAA training sent to you.
  10. Professional Certification(s) (optional):
    Applicants are welcome to provide any Professional Certifications (e.g. ACRP, SoCRA, ORCA, RAC) they hold.
  11. Other
    At any time, Providence Medical Research Center may request additional training, depending on the nature of the research studies individuals are involved.

    If at any time you have questions, please call 509-474-4345 and ask to speak with someone about credentialing.

Application Review

After receiving all application documents and training certificates, Providence Medical Research Center will review for completion; review the FDA’s “debarred, disqualified investigator lists” to verify no actions are open; and verify all physicians and allied health professionals seeking credentialing have practicing privileges at Sacred Heart Medical Center and Holy Family Hospital via e-Priv. After verifying all documents are complete and there are no outstanding issues, Providence Medical Research Center will sign off the application and notify the researcher of approval.

All completed documents may be submitted via: