Inside Out: The Original Organ Show


Providence Regional Medical Center is excited to share this innovative health education program with the community.

Inside Out: The Original Organ Show provides audiences with compelling health information—presented in a truly unique way—that empowers them to make informed decisions about behaviors and lifestyle choices that impact their long-term well-being.

The show takes viewers on a fantastic voyage through the human body. Actual human organs, such as hearts, lungs, brains, livers, kidneys and aortas are shown. Some are healthy; others have been damaged by substance abuse, poor eating habits and unsafe behaviors. Through the presentation, viewers can see first-hand what really happens to their bodies when they choose harmful habits and lifestyles.

Inside Out: The Original Organ Show for schools

Providence Regional’s innovative and tremendously popular Inside Out: The Original Organ Show educational program is offered at no cost to Snohomish County public middle and high schools, potentially reaching as many as 12,000 students.

The program’s success is due to a generous grant gifted by the Providence General Foundation.

Contact us to reserve a presentation at your school. Within five business days, a presenter will contact you to schedule a date. Please notes that dates are limited, based on the presenters’ schedules and are provided at no cost to Snohomish County schools.

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Inside Out: The Original Organ Show for the community

Inside Out: The Original Organ Show is also available to the Snohomish County community. For more information, email us or call 425-261-3045.

The presenters

Inside Out

Our clinical educators, Stephanie McGuigan and Michelle Song, have encouraged thousands of people to choose healthy habits through a combination of story-telling and demonstration. Kathy Ketchum, the Original Organ Lady, has recently retired. Kathy is responsible for over a decade of teaching and mentorship and her presence in the program will be missed.

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