Preparing For Your Presentation

Consent forms

It is up to each individual school to determine whether a consent form is necessary for students. Each school will be responsible for handling all aspects of the consent forms. For your convenience, we have provided two consent form options that you may to tailor to your school’s specific needs.

Option 1: Consent form requiring signature

This consent form is generally used for middle school students, as middle schools may feel it is important to require parental consent for students in this age range to attend the presentation. With this form a signature from a parent or guardian is required in order to participate in the presentation.

Option 2: Consent form without required signature

This consent form is generally used for high school students, as high schools may be less concerned about obtaining parental consent. Parents who feel the presentation is inappropriate for their student can opt-out their student by contacting their student’s teacher.

Presentation set up

Some set up and materials are required. Please review the list below well in advance of the presentation date. Our presenters will require approximately one hour to set up the organs and props once they arrive. Therefore, please ensure that the presentation room is arranged and supplies are in place prior to the presenter’s arrival.

Audience Size: We can accommodate participants in a classroom or larger groups in a gym of theater. All participants must be seated, either in chairs or on the floor.

  • Tables: 2 tables, minimum of 6ft length.
  • Room arrangements: Lecture style, with tables in front of classroom and wall space behind for posters
  • Audio: Not needed for classroom. For larger groups, a hands-free wireless lapel or headset microphone. (Your PE department may have a sound system.)
  • Garbage cans: 2 cans - one for each end of the table.
  • Fan: One good fan to set up near table (keeps air moving), unless you have the ability to open a window.
  • Designated adult: You or another designated adult must remain in the room during the entire presentation, no exceptions.