Presentation Feedback

Here what participants have to say about their Inside Out experiences.

Dear Organ Lady,

Thank you so much for teaching us about safety. I now know how bad it is to take drugs and what not wearing a seat belt can do to someone. In fact, now that I know about it, you might have saved my life without even knowing it. After showing us the organs, I will never smoke or drink. I will also think twice about Monster energy drinks. I knew that drugs were bad, but not that bad. Thanks again for teaching us all SO MUCH!

- Sally S.

Dear Kathy Ketchum (the Organ Lady),

I must thank you for all the fascinating (and admittedly horrifying) things you showed me. While I was always opposed to smoking and recreational drugs, this presentation of yours certainly sealed the deal. I learned what can happen to your body if you abuse it and are not careful with it. The lesson you taught was a valuable one indeed and I shall be sure to remember it. After all, death by carcinogen is not the way I plan to go.  

- John G.

Dear Kathy,

Thank you for showing me what kind of role model I should become. I appreciate the fact that you took time out of your day to teach us the importance of life. Taking care of my body is a subject that a light has not yet been shed on. Now that I have been exposed to the realities of the real world, I will take into account better care of my actions. The decision making part of my brain has become more alert now and I realize that I should not be subdued from peer pressure. I appreciate all that you have taught us.

- Melissa L.