Adult Volunteer Opportunities

The adult program is open to high school seniors and anyone over the age of 18.

Before applying – Can you answer yes to the following questions?
  1. Are you at least a senior in high school or older?
  2. Are you able to commit to 100 hours of service?
  3. Are you able to commit to one 3-4 hour shift per week?
  4. Are you able to complete the requirements during normal business hours?
If you answered “no” to any of the questions above you should consider applying at another time.

Required Steps to become a volunteer:

  1. Complete the Volunteer Application during the open recruitmentperiod
  2. Attend one of the Interview dates during your recruitment period (i.e. If you apply in the January block you must be able to attend one of the interview days during that month)
  3. Complete onboarding requirements (more information provided during interview)
  4. Complete the on-line orientation by the required date (more information provided during interview)

2018 Volunteer Recruitment Schedule

Closed Positions (no openings)
  • NICU Baby Rockers or Pediatrics
  • Medical Coding

July Recruitment
July 2-16 - Application Available*
Aug. 1&2 – Interview Days
Aug. 10 – Online Orientation, health and background-check requirements due
Aug. 14 – Mandatory Hospital Orientation

August Recruitment
Aug. 1–15 – Application Available*
Sept. 5 & 6 – Interview Days
Sept. 14 – Online Orientation, health and background-check requirements due
Sept. 18 - Mandatory Hospital Orientation

October Recruitment
Oct. 1-15 - Application Available*
Nov. 6 & 7 – Interview Days
Nov. 16 - Online Orientation, health and background-check requirements due
Nov. 20 - Mandatory Hospital Orientation

*Note: Application form will be open during specified open recruitment periods only. Open recruitment periods may end early depending on number of requests received.