Facility & Visitor Information

Building partnerships with patients and families

You’ll know it when you come here: Providence Regional Medical Center Everett is not like every other hospital. We believe the best care comes from building a partnership between the patient, their family members and their medical professionals. This philosophy – called “Patient and Family Centered Care” –is the cornerstone of the work we do. And, our facility is built around it.

  • Patient rooms are designed for collaboration between patients, families and medical staff. They even include pullout sofas so family members can comfortably spend the night.
  • Our Emergency Services department features large, private treatment rooms designed to accommodate loved families – so loved ones can stay with a patient, be involved in discussions about care and still have privacy.
  • Medical excellence and soothing spaces – our hospital has both. From the two-story lobby atrium, to patient rooms with sweeping views of Puget Sound and the mountains, Providence Regional Medical Center brings nature indoors to help patients and families relax and heal.
  • For families and visitors, our facility offers lounges, free wireless Internet access and playrooms.