Critical Care

The Critical Care department has 48 private rooms, located on two units in the south wing of floors 6 and 7.

A 28-bed unit on the sixth floor is for critically ill patients, while a 20-bed unit on the seventh floor serves as the Cardiac Surgery Single Stay Unit (CSSU) for cardiac surgery patients.

Carefully crafted rooms are designed to make patients and families more comfortable while increasing efficiency for caregivers.

Providing highly skilled care with comfort and privacy

  • 48 private rooms on two floors
  • Specialized Single-Stay Unit for cardiac critical care
  • Focus on both patients and their families

Roto Bed: Highly-specialized technology for highly specialized care

  • Used for patients with breathing difficulty
  • Rotates continuously
  • Takes weight off lungs to improve oxygen flow

Smart Bed: A 24/7 member of the caregiver team

  • Built-in scale calculates patient’s weight
  • Programmable alarm sounds if patient gets out of bed
  • Silicone-based mattress eases pressure on patient’s body

Family Lounge

A place of comfort and respite for patients’ loved ones

  • Close proximity to patient rooms
  • Amenities for family convenience and comfort
  • Available 24/7 in conjunction with open visiting hours

Healing Garden

Offering a contemplative and healing view

  • Visible from many patient rooms
  • Brings nature indoors