Clinical Pastoral Education

Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center offers clinical pastoral education (CPE), bringing together theological students and ministers of all faiths (pastors, priests, rabbis, imams and others) into supervised encounter with persons in crisis.

Our programs help students develop new awareness of themselves as persons and of the needs of those to whom they minister. Students will also develop a new understanding of ministry and skills in interpersonal and inter-professional relationships. We’re also accredited for Level I and II and Supervisory CPE by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education and offer ACPE Certified CPE™.

The Providence Spokane CPE offers three year-long Residency positions with stipends, a full-time 10-11 week Summer Intensive Unit and a 22-24 week Extended Unit. A Hybrid unit. meeting two or three times on-site is being planned to meet the larger community’s needs.

Spokane Clinical Pastoral Education programs:

ACPE Certified Educator

Rev. Dr. Unyong Statwick

Rev. Dr. Unyong Statwick is ordained and endorsed by Interfaith Chaplaincy, a Board Certified Chaplain by the Association of Professional Chaplains and a Certified Educator by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education. Unyong has worked as a hospital chaplain since 2004 and has supervised CPE students in a variety of clinical venues in Springfield, Missouri and recently moved to Spokane, WA.

Dr. Statwick's educational philosophy is collegial and relational. Conflict is not only an opportunity to develop deeper relationship inter-personally, but also an invitation to deeper self-understanding. Her main educational theories include Bowen’s family systems theory and Jungian theory of Shadow and Persona, with theology based on Rudolf Otto’s Numinous. She is presently serving as a member of the former South Central Accreditation committee, National Accreditation Team Chair and a member of the Theory Review Team and Theory Mentoring Team for certification process in ACPE.

Upcoming Units

Each offer credit for one Unit of Level I or II CPE. Application fee: $35.


September-August, each year
Three year-long stipend Resident positions with benefits. Credit for four Units of Level I or II CPE.
Tuition: $600/unit

Distance Learning Resident Position

September-August, each year
Three unit stipend Resident positions with benefits located at Chaplaincy Health Care, Richland, WA. Credit for three Units of Level I or II CPE
Tuition: $600/unit
Applications accepted year-round

Summer Intensive Unit

Begins first week of June for 10 -11 weeks; credits for Level I or II CPE
Possible option for joining the group via zoom with several on-site meetings.
Tuition: $600/unit on-site
$3,000 for hybrid unit with all other clinical site agreements.

Extended Unit Internship

Part-time, 22-24 weeks on-site or via zoom. Four hours per week scheduled class/group and 16 hours of clinical hours per week.
Tuition: $600/unit on-site
$3,000 for hybrid unit with all other clinical site agreements.
No stipend. Applications accepted year-round.

Certified Educator Residency Unit

Must be familiar with new certification process. No tuition. Enter both ACPE CEC process and as an employee to Providence while in CPE program as CEC (former SES).