Sexual Assault Clinic Services

Victims of an assault that occurred within the last 96 hours should be seen at a hospital emergency room. Our sexual assault nurse examiners are on call to the Providence St. Peter Hospital Emergency Center. Call your local Child Protective Services hotline or law enforcement agency if you suspect a child has been sexually abused.

Preparing a young person for a clinic visit

  • Talk with our social worker about the best way to explain a clinic visit to your child
  • Assure your child that we see many children just like them. We understand.
  • Tell your child they can choose an adult to be with them during their examination
  • Reassure the child that this is not a physically painful or invasive exam
  • Encourage older children to talk directly with our staff about their upcoming visit

Our Services

  • Assault and Abuse Services

    The professionals at Providence know recovery from sexual or physical and domestic violence is a lengthy process. Recovery and healing is a personal journey.
  • Behavioral Health

    Providence offers outpatient psychiatric care, medication management and psychiatric consultations. If you or someone you know is struggling with life events, substance abuse, or are living with a known mental illness, Providence can provide the support you need.

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