Frequently Asked Questions

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We accept all major insurances. Please be sure to contact your insurance to inquire about coverage and to prompt any needed prior-authorization.

Yes. The physicians at SSPSM require a referral from your primary care provider (PCP). Please contact your PCP to get your referral started.
Some insurance companies require a prior authorization. Please check with your individual insurance company.
You can expect a face to face meeting with the doctor in which you and the physician will discuss your medical history and review the paperwork we have asked you to complete. The physician will perform a physical exam. After discussion, a plan of testing or follow up care may be arranged for a later date.
Pulmonary pertains to the lungs. A pulmonologist is a medical doctor who treats diseases or disorders of the lungs.
Yes. We do accept payments by phone. You can also pay your bill through our patient portal.
No. A sleep study (an overnight test) will only be ordered if the doctor determines that further testing is necessary after your initial consultation to diagnose and treat certain sleep disorders. This study will not be done on the day of the first visit. Other sleep issues can sometimes be solved by a closely monitored plan by yourself and the physician.
No. This will be scheduled at St. Peter Hospital if the physician determines it is necessary.
In order to provide you with the best care we can, we need to be sure that we have all your updated and accurate information. Many times insurance changes or primary care doctors switch during a time when you do not visit us and can be routine to the patient. This is very important for us to ensure the best care for you.
We are located on Lilly road in Memorial Medical Plaza, on the second floor (suite 201) directly across the street from St. Peters Hospital’s main entrance.

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