Referrals and Consults

The neurosurgeons of Providence Medical Group – Southwest Washington Neurosurgery provide care for the residents of a five-county area including Thurston, Lewis, Mason, Gray’s Harbor and Pacific Counties. We are pleased our practice is able to offer high-quality care and a broad scope of neurosurgery services close to where our patients live and work.

Our neurosurgeons are available for initial consults and second opinions. Providence St. Peter Hospital has made a financial commitment to ensuring our surgeons have state-of-the-art technology and an institutional commitment to patient-focused care.

  • We offer local access to neurosurgical expertise, personalized care and advanced technology.
  • We invite you to call us to consult on a particular patient, to seek a second opinion or to refer a patient.


Our neurosurgeons are available for routine consults during our office hours. An on-call surgeon is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for urgent consults by calling Providence St. Peter Hospital’s transfer center and requesting the Providence Medical Group neurosurgeon on call.

The transfer office will then facilitate a conference call between you and one of our neurosurgeons.

Submitting a referral

Providers within the Providence system can submit a referral via Epic. Providers who do not have access to the Providence Epic system can fax referrals to our office.

  • Referral fax number: 360-412-2249

Scheduling an appointment

Once we receive a referral, we will call your patient within 24-48 hours to schedule an appointment. We are able to provide most patients an appointment within one week of receiving a referral. In some cases, it may take up to two weeks to find a mutually agreeable time. Urgent referrals will be scheduled within one to three days.

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